Activities That Can Raise The Quality Of Life Of Dementia Sufferers

Many people think that those who suffer from dementia often have to face a life bereft of any happiness. Luckily, this cannot be further from the truth. If you have a loved one that is suffering from this condition, you’ll be happy to know that there is a variety of activities that can help them enjoy every day. But planning is essential.

Here’s what you or your loved one’s healthcare providers should consider for dementia sufferers:

Planning is key

Be sure that you understand the person that is suffering from dementia, and that you plan activities surrounding their former lifestyle, work history, social activities, hobbies, and even significant life experiences.

However, you should keep in mind not to overstimulate your charge, which means that you should avoid crowded and busy areas.

A great way to ensure that the person gets the most amount of enjoyment from their activities, is to note them down, so that they benefit from consistent care that helps to stimulate their senses.

Help re-establish skills

Dementia does not mean that every skill the person had is forgotten at once. Chances are that they can still perform tasks like sweeping, washing up or watering the garden. Let them help contribute by doing these simple tasks, which will not only help the person feel useful, but will give them a sense of responsibility as well.

Keep in mind that dementia sufferers often have trouble with visual perception and coordination, so be sure that their workspaces aren’t cluttered, and reduce distractions where possible.

Activities that focus on relaxation and pleasure

People with dementia can still enjoy outings, even if they forget about them later. The focus of the outing should instead rest on providing as much enjoyment in the moment as possible, even if the experience may fade from their memory.

Keep outings as simple and unhurried as possible, and give the person the space they want during this time. If you are doing an activity during an outing, make sure it can be broken into simple steps, that the person can perform at their leisure.

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