How You Can Build A Rewarding Relationship With Aged Care Staff

When you have loved ones living in an elderly care facility, it is only natural that you want the absolute best for them. You have high standards from the staff and so you should. It’s important that expectations are set and met, so you trust your loved one is in good hands. Here are some things to consider to establish a more beneficial relationship between family and aged care facility staff.

An open discussion

One of the more common issues that families have when bringing a loved one to an aged care facility is disjoint between their expectations for the family member, versus the care that will be given.

To help overcome any feelings of anger or frustration, it’s always best to have an open and honest discussion of the types of care that can be provided, and what your expectations are. Ideally, this discussion should take place before or upon accepting a place in the aged care facility.

Ask about contributing to your loved one’s care

It’s not unusual for family members to have provided care to their loved ones before bringing them to a professional facility. If this is the case with your family, you might feel that you have to continue to provide care to your loved one.

This is a completely natural response, and if you’d like to stay involved in the care of your loved one, then you merely need to organise with the facility how much care you will provide.

Understand that staff care too

One of the more contentious issues that arise for family members is seeing their loved one given the care in a way that they do not agree with. During this time, it is very important to realise that the staff members are professionals, and will always try to do what’s best for their residents, which might not seem like the right approach to untrained eyes.

If you are uncertain about a course of action, or the care provided, take the time to speak to the staff to better understand what their intentions are.