How To Deal With Loss And Feelings Of Sadness During The Festive Season

A loss of a partner whilst in aged care is always devastating. We often feel that we miss them even more during the Festive Season, which has always been a time to share in the joy with the entire family. But now that they are no longer with us, there are some things to help you and your family enjoy the Festive Season, and the time spent together.

Talk to your loved ones

It’s important that you don’t push your family away. Honest communication is often the best way to deal with feelings of sadness and loss. Talk to them during this time about what you are experiencing, and be sure to ask them how they are feeling too. Not only will this give you the opportunity to deal with the sadness amongst loved ones, but it can bring you closer together as well.

Ask for support

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve, but you need to find a way that gets YOU through the process. Therefore, it’s important that you ask for support – both emotional and physical (should you need it) – from professionals in your aged care home. They will be able to help you find ways to overcome grief and sadness.

Don’t suffer alone

If this is your first Festive Season alone, don’t be afraid to ask others to share it with you, or whether you could join their celebration. If you’ve established a social group in your aged care facility, it’s the time of the year when they can really support you – and vice versa.

Sadness is ok

Remember that sadness is part of the healing process. You don’t have to feel guilty because of your need to cry, or just want to be left alone for a while. The most important thing to remember is to communicate your feelings and ensure you have a strong support network so that those around you understand, and can give you the support you need.

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