Everything You Need To Know About Palliative Care

Nobody likes to think about how their life will end, or the passing of a loved one. While sometimes it will occur quickly and without warning, more often than not it comes at the end of a lengthy illness, or due to old age. When this occurs, you will need the specialised assistance afforded by palliative care.

When the time comes when end of life care is required for a person, you might be faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions to make. If your close friend or relative was able to do so, they might have an advanced care directive, which has been discussed with the doctor. However, if there’s no plan set-out for them, then the burden of making these decisions could fall on you. Palliative care is personal and involves assisting a person at every point in the process of approaching end of life to the level of medical interventions wanted by the person– from dispensing pain medication and discussing funeral options, to simply providing emotional and practical support to friends and family.

Unlike what many people think, this form of care is not to bring on death or put it off. It is about empowering the person who is dying, and their family, to take charge of the process so that they can face it head on, and accept what lies ahead. It is a form of care that exists to supplement the person’s religious beliefs, cultural traditions, and any other personal preferences.

Palliative care is not a single service provided by one person. It will involve doctors and nurses, as well as counsellors, social workers, and religious officiants. Most importantly, palliative care is always a welcoming environment that provides round-the-clock, specialised care when it’s required.

Despite what many people think about it, palliative care is a necessity. Even if you would prefer not to consider it for your loved ones, making plans for their finals years, days or months is very important. It’s not about when their life will end, instead, it will make the process easier and less painful for everyone involved.

If you’re looking for advice on how to approach this area of care – now or in the future – feel free to get in touch with the team at the Medical & Aged Care Group for assistance.

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