Key Characteristics Of A Great Aged Care Worker

When you have to put a loved one into an aged care facility, you need to able to trust the aged care workers caring for them. These individuals will be responsible for the resident’s emotional and physical well-being, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to know your family member or friend is in capable hands. Just remember that in addition to qualifications and experience, there are certain key characteristics to look out for:

  • Are they a ‘people’s person’?

Aged care work is a calling, not a job. A people’s person will engage with residents, ask them questions, and help them feel understood. Loneliness is a big problem faced by the elderly, but when they join a residence, it’s up to the worker – along with other residents – to make them feel at welcome and included. It’s important that they know they’re seen as a human being, and not just a number or patient.

  • Are they dedicated?

It takes a huge amount of effort to work in aged care, not just physically, but mentally as well. That’s why an aged care worker needs to be fully committed to providing the best possible care. Ultimately, the residents’ livelihood is at stake and it’s critical to the running of any aged care facility that all staff are dedicated to creating a warm and safe environment.

  • Are they sensitive?

Transitioning from living independently or with family to an aged care facility is tough. Residents might be coming from a particular religious or cultural background with requirements that need to be approached a certain way. A skilled worker will take this into account, and do what’s needed to assist the resident in a sensitive, compassionate, and respectful manner.

  • Are they organised?

A good aged care worker is as predictable as clockwork, which indicates that they have their responsibilities down to a finely-honed skill and that they value time management. When someone like this is caring for a resident, they’ll give them a much-needed routine that includes taking medication, attending doctor’s appointments, eating & drinking at meal times and getting involved with social activities.

At the MACG’s network of family-run residential aged care homes, we’re proud to say that all our staff have the skills, experience and ability to deliver outstanding care and assistance. Contact us today to find out how your loved ones can benefit from our aged care services.

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