Why Social Activities Are So Important For Aged Care Residents


When a person enters an aged care facility, they might require individual medical care, but otherwise, they’re the same person they’ve always been. Therefore, it’s important that residents continue to enjoy as much of the same lifestyle as possible, even if in different surroundings and with different people, as regular socialising is essential for their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Research reveals that social isolation can decrease lifespan, regardless of health and demographics. For many, the realisation that they must leave the family home, forgotten about by family and friends, and unable to move freely often leads to a grieving process.

While regular visits from friends and family are important in preventing this, it’s crucial that residents are able to create and participate in their own social circles, and that the facility where they reside encourages and supports their social needs. This prevents residents from having to organise and attend to their own entertainment (often outside the facility), which can pose a risk should they suffer from cognitive or physical disabilities that make movement difficult. Having a close group of peers also creates a system where residents are encouraged to look out for each other’s well-being, which can help identify problems early on, should something be amiss.

There are many kinds of social activities that the elderly can participate in. Light walking as a group is great for those who are mobile, while book clubs can suit those who aren’t. Volunteering to work with children or animals is another popular activity, as is sharing a personal talent with others, such as singing, playing a musical instrument, or teaching someone another language.

The introduction of technology can also have a positive effect on socialising for certain aged care residents with limited mobility – or those living far from friends and family – by allowing them to video call, message, and chat with others via social media or applications like Skype.

When looking at aged care facilities, it’s essential that you choose one that understands the importance of social activities for its residents. The Medical and Aged Care Group is committed to providing our residents with opportunities to engage with both the internal and wider communities. Contact us today to find out more.

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