How Technology And Social Media Can Benefit The Elderly

The impact of technology on our world has been nothing short of monumental, and has changed almost every way we spend our days. This is also true for the elderly, as it allows them to easily connect with friends and family, and also maintain their mental competences as well. Let’s look at how technology can help your loved ones live a better life:


These days apps like Skype and Facetime make it incredibly easy for your loved ones to keep in touch with their family, and even friends who also have access to the internet. If you had to miss your regular visit, these apps allow you to have a video conversation wherever you or they are, ensuring you don’t lose out on any special moments.

Keep in mind that Facetime is only available to Apple devices, while Skype can be installed on most devices, whether phones, tablets or computers.


Content streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube have become increasingly popular over the years for almost everyone, and the elderly are no exception. By using these apps, they can watch the content they want to see, when and where they want to.

While Netflix is a great source of general entertainment, YouTube can continuously provide education and nurture other interests or hobbies – maybe they could even learn how to do something new.


The rise of social media has opened up the doors for communicating like never before, and the benefit it provides to the elderly is amazing. Now your parents or grandparents can connect with the family, no matter where they are, join groups that share their interest, and even make new friends from all over the world.

While we have all heard stories of the elderly taken advantage of on these platforms, this doesn’t mean that it is a place to fear. In fact, with help and encouragement, they will begin to understand how to navigate their social media platform of choice with confidence.

Have you used or heard of any technology or app that could also benefit aged care residents. We’d love to hear it. Feel free to contact us anytime!

You can even turn this into a great family moment, where the young ones have some quality time with grandma and grandpa by helping them set up their devices, and show them how the specific social media app works.

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