How Does The Aged Care Assessment Work?

An aged care assessment is, although a simple procedure, often difficult to perform since the aged participants often feel highly anxious about the assessment. This might be because many think it is a procedure that will tell them everything that is wrong with them.

This is understandable, but families and caregivers are encouraged to attend sessions like these in order to provide comfort and support to the aged participant.

  • Explain what an assessment is

Explain to your loved one that it is merely a series of questions that a professional aged care assessment clinician will ask in order to determine what care is required. At its most basic level, it is a system in which the answers provided can be measured accurately to ensure that your loved one receives the care most suitable for their requirements.

  • Explain the process

If you sit down and calmly explain the process, you can help to reduce the anxiety that an assessment may create. Once an application has been made by either yourself or a health professional to My Aged Care, a time will be allocated for the assessment team to attend.The assessment staff will ask if your loved one is currently receiving support at home, if they have any health problems or questions, and how well they manage around their own home. Other questions will also be about how safe their home is and what health problems they may be dealing with.

  • Explain the reason

The reason for an assessment is to determine precisely what type and how much care is required for your elderly loved one. It will also help aged care facilities clearly understand the requirements needed. Make sure that you explain this in a positive and reassuring manner.

Once you have explained the reasons for this assessment, the results will help them see the care they require.

This assessment is necessary when applying to reside in an aged care facility because it will help the nursing staff understand exactly what level of care your loved one needs, and will inform you of the facilities’ options, and so forth.

For more information about what’s required before becoming a resident at an aged care home, contact the team at MACG today.