Northern Gardens attends the Newlands Community “Open Table”

The Lifestyle team and residents from Northern Gardens had the pleasure of attending our first “Open Table” at Newlands Community House.
“Open Table” is a community event where volunteers come together and prepare, cook and serve lunch in the Community kitchen which is open for anyone to attend and enjoy a freshly cooked meal.

It is a very open and welcoming environment where there is no planned menu. As the ladies who volunteer explained, “whatever we get, we think of something to cook!” as meals are created with donated fruit and vegetables.
On arrival to the Community House Richard, Lorna and Domenico immediately got to work.
Richard and Lorna were busy peeling and cutting apples whilst Domenico was given the potatoes.
There was an abundance of fruit and vegetables piled in the centre of the table, but not for long! Lorna stated she was so thankful to have been allowed to come and give back to the community with Richard praising the volunteers and the meal offered. Domenico was in his element, he always enjoyed cooking so he happily prepared the vegetables for an hour. Staff and residents were welcomed for lunch at the community table and enjoyed eating the meal which they helped prepare. Guests at the table were extremely grateful that our senior residents assisted with the meal. We are so proud of them and we feel honoured to give back to the community. The Open Table relationship with Northern Gardens has only recently commenced, and we look forward to assisting with this community project monthly.